AI-powered communities bring new challenges and opportunities for the well-being of humans.

At MATRIX, we share a common vision to solve these challenges by fostering transdisciplinary teams that span academia, government, industry, and healthcare ecosystems to make tangible differences for human well-being. Emphasis will be laid on diversifying the profession by cultivating a highly competent and inclusive AI workforce.

Leading with research

Augmenting Human Capabilities

How can AI technologies lead to innovations and efficiencies in domains where intelligent systems or robots collaborate in future workplaces?

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Machine Learning & Deployment

How can we advance machine learning algorithms for deployment at scale across various domains of interest?

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Neuro-Inspired Artificial Intelligence

To design AI algorithms and architectures that assimilate generalizable intelligence, we hypothesize that neural processes serve as an ideal model.

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Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

A secure AI approach is key to enabling large-scale adoption and trust that the design and development are ethical for all those affected by it.

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Real-world Benefits

Help us solve problems big and small.